Service Title

Radiology Services

Director: Donny Skiles
Phone: ( 940 ) 228- 4321
Extension: 303

Radiology services staff can help you and your doctor find answers to your concerns.

Whether it is a broken bone or an EKG needed in the middle of the night, HMH's radiology department offers services above and beyond what is typical of other small town hospitals. Staffed by two, full-time licensed technicians with 53 years of combined radiology experience, the following services are offered through HMH radiology:

X-Ray 24 hour service - 7 days a week
Siemens New Generation Low Dose Radiation CT Scan 24 hour service - 7 days a week
EKG 24 hour service - 7 days a week
Ultra Sound twice weekly by appointment only
Sonography and Echocardiogram with Ultrasound twice weekly by appointment only.

    MRI Services by appointment only available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Call (940)228-4321 to schedule!
  1. * Jennifer Grove RT (R)(CT)(MR) has over 25 years of experience.
  2. * State-Of-The-Art, 1.5 Tesla Toshiba Titan
  3. * Pianissimo (Reduces) Acoustic Noise
  4. * Designed to enhance clinical capabilities
  5. * Increased patient comfort

HMH's radiology technicians can help provide critical answers to problems in half the time that you would have spent traveling to a bigger city to have the same procedure accomplished. Most radiology results are available within one hour of the provided service. With more than 50 CT Scans and 200 x-rays performed each month, HMH radiology services can help you find answers to your health concerns fast and accurately.