Service Title

Physical Therapy

Director: Courtney Swinhoe, DPT
Phone: ( 940 ) 228- 4321
Extension: 321

Physical Therapy can help you meet your needs without the long drive to Abilene.

With over 16 years of physical therapy experience, our licensed staff can help you in the areas of orthopedic, wound care, balance training, pain management, neuro therapy and geriatric therapy under the direction of your physician. HMH has one full time physical therapist and 4 physical therapist assistants on staff as well as access to a visiting occupational and speech therapist as needed.

The goal of each of our physical therapy programs is to encourage independence in our patients and to help them achieve a self-sustainable life after an injury, surgery or due to a chronic condition.

Each year, our physical therapy staff will help more than 200 patients with an average of nine to 12 visits per patient.