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Flu Season Tips

January 17, 2020

Article by: Karen Wolf, LVN, Infection Control Nurse

Our hospital has taken action to try to prevent and limit the spread of flu this season by requesting that ALL visitors to hospital use a mask that is provided by each entry door. Please know that this is for your protection, as well as others. You are entering a facility where sick people are coming, going, or staying. it is reasonable to expect you may come into contact with germs.

Patients in the hospitals diagnosed with a contagious condition, such as the flu, may be placed under cautionary conditions and also asked to limit visitors while in the hospital. We do not know what visitors may bring in, and even though precautions are practiced in the hospital, we do not know what visitors may contract while in the facility.

Flu season is a rough time and everyone should take special notice to adhere to cough etiquette by turning away and covering their mouth. Flu is spread by droplets released into the air by an infected person, then either breathed in or spread by indirect contact transmission via hand to nose, mouth, etc., to a susceptible host. So HAND HYGIENE is also an important part of prevention.

Protect yourself and others this flu season by just taking a few extra precautionary measures. Any questions or comments may be sent to [email protected]